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Whole House Audio & Video Systems
   Long Island Pro Audio Video is your number one source for everything audio and video related. This includes Whole House Audio Video Systems where you are not limited to enjoying media or home theater entertainment in just one room. With our sophisticated Multi-Room and Multi-Zone Systems, one person can be watching and listening to a surround sound movie in one room, someone else can be listening to their favorite music in another room, and still a group of people can be listening to an entirely different music or TV source outside. What’s more, our Multi-Room and Multi-Zone systems are customizable to the way you like it – your favorite TV or digital music stations, your favorite playlists, or even your favorite audio broadcasts – all with the push of a button. Long Island Pro Audio Video offers Multi-Room and Multi-Zone Whole House Systems controlled via hand-held remote controls or keypads located on the wall. Residential Whole House Audio &Video made simple… to simplify your life and enjoy your media the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Home Theater Design & Installation
   Whether you are an avid movie watcher and want the latest and greatest in home theater sound and visual technology, or you just want to add some flavor to your living space, Long Island Pro Audio Video can design a Home Theater that is built and fit for you. We offer basic packages for those who have a budget and are looking to enjoy relaxing TV in surround sound as well as extensive media room home theater design and installations. Our more elaborate systems include theater seating, high-grade projectors and projection screens, THX certified speakers and acoustical treatments for your home theater space, as well as customizable universal remote controls where you control all the action – simply and easily. Since every customer is different, every room is different, and every living space is different, therefore every install should be different. We will customize every home theater design and home theater installation to the way our customers live. Call now to see how Long Island Pro Audio Video can serve you better and make your Home Theater experience truly spectacular!

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LCD, LED & Plasma TV Screen Mounting
hidden speakers in kitchen or living room
Built-Invisible Speakers
in wall and in ceiling hidden speakers
In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

Flat Panel TV Mounting
   One of our most requested installations is in mounting a flat panel HDTV LCD, LED, or plasma TV to a wall, hung from a ceiling, or mounted directly above a fireplace. What may at first look like a simple task may actually be quite complicated – especially for the average do-it-yourself residential homeowner. Hiding all the necessary wires, running and wiring the electric, securing and positioning the TV correctly, hooking up all the components and making everything appear like a professional installation is what we do best. Our expert installers can even make all your components disappear by neatly hiding them in a cabinet and using a RF (radio frequency) Universal Remote control them without pointing the remote at the equipment. Long Island Pro Audio Video has access to the latest in plasma proof IR (infrared) emitters / flashers, IR repeaters, and the smartest touch-screen remotes that can easily your equipment from anywhere in your home. Flat Panel HDTV LCD or LED TV made simple, just call the experts!

Built-Invisible Speakers
   Here at Long Island Pro Audio Video, we feel that great sound should be heard and not seen; at least wherever and whenever possible. Certainly there are some cases where one might want to showcase their special system and speakers – like that in an elaborate home theater – but often our customers want to experience the music or sound rather than see hefty equipment or bulky boxed speakers. This is where our built-invisible speakers and custom audio design come into play. Built-Invisible is exactly that – a system and speakers that are incorporated into the room sight-unseen. A subwoofer or bass module can be strategically positioned in a wall behind a vent, in a closed cabinet, or even in the floor. The speakers themselves can be hidden in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, or even specially-designed speakers that can be spackled, sanded and painted over so none of your guests would expect a thing! Even more alluring is that our advanced installation team can integrate all your high-end audio and video components together – neatly hiding them away in a closet, a cabinet, or even down the hall so that only you will know where all that great sound is coming from! With our built-invisible speaker systems, you and your guests will experience the sound and not the cumbersome equipment!

programmable universal remote controls
Universal Remote Controls
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Remote Control Keypads
suffolk county ny VOIP Panasonic phones
VOIP (Voice Over Internet) Phones

Universal Remotes / Keypad Systems / Home Automation
   On most every system we recommend and install here at Long Island Pro Audio Video, we will always recommend a Universal Remote Control to control your system. Instead of using three or more remotes with forty some-odd buttons on each remote, one Universal remote can do all that and more with ease! Our expert technicians will setup and custom design the remote that way that you like it – using the latest software and technology while keeping you the homeowner in mind for ease of use. Instead of having one remote turn on the TV, change the input, and another to turn on the receiver, change the setting, and another to turn on the DVD player and press play when the menu come up… that all can be done by the push of only one button on one universal remote! Some of our more advanced universal remotes have interactive displays and touch screen controls. Our higher end systems offer “meta tag” data that actually tells you what song is playing and what playlist it is from. Long Island Pro Audio Video also offers the latest in Multiline Display Keypads where everything you need is at access at your fingertips. Choose your favorite genre, your favorite artist, or your favorite talk show program from any location within your home! Our Home Automation installation experts allow you to have total control of ambient mood lighting, home theater lighting, motorized shades, motorized projection screens and so much more.  Ask for more information how home automation can enhance your home theater experience!

VOIP Phone Systems (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
   For most residential homeowners, a basic one-line or two-line phone system works just fine. For our more demanding customers, an integrated “smart” phone system is essential – especially if you have a large home where many phones and extensions are required. In today’s day and age, most people conduct business from within their home – that is where VOIP comes in (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Many times our clients need their phone system and answering system to work flawlessly day after day, night after night – even in the instance of a power outage. Our expert phone technicians here at Long Island Pro Audio Video are experienced and trained to install and program the most advanced phone systems including the highly-advanced Panasonic VOIP phones for both your home and your home office. Making conference calls, intercom any room, handle multiple lines simultaneously, and being able to retrieve messages from any location are some of the advantages of having an advanced phone system, such as the Panasonic VOIP phone system designed for both business and for home. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) allows you to make long distance phone calls without paying much (if anything), is more reliable than traditional phone lines, and are far more sophisticated – so VOIP is truly the wave of the future!

long island home networking and Ethernet services
Home Network Solutions
long island audio video equipment sales
A/V Equipment & Speaker Systems
low voltage construction pre-wiring suffolk county
New Construction Pre-wiring

Home Network Solutions
   Most Long Island homes today are being wired for future technology, that is at least whenever possible. For older homes, this can be a challenging yet very rewarding task. Whether you are purchasing a new HDTV, a new A/V audio video receiver, or even a Blu-ray DVD Video Disc Player; chances are the new units have capability of hooking up an Ethernet line. These latest audio and video products integrate and communicate to the internet to receive the latest updates, downstream music and movie videos, and allow you to operate them remotely in some cases. No longer is home network simply dealing with computers and wireless connectivity. Today, CAT5e and CAT6e Ethernet cable lines should be run to practically every room in the house – even the bathroom! Long Island Pro Audio Video can not only run those low voltage lines, but also terminate those connections as well as integrate your whole house. Besides basic Home Networking; Home Automation, Remote Network Access, Whole House Audio Systems, and Remote Keypad Controls are only some of the advantages of having Ethernet lines run throughout your home.

Construction Pre-Wiring
   Are you building or designing a new house or living space? Are you remodeling your kitchen or basement? Don’t forget to run the audio and video wires necessary before you cover up your walls! Long Island Pro Audio Video has all the necessary wire and tools on hand to handle any residential job –big or small. Our larger projects include planning and designing a Multi Zone, Multi Room audio and video system that encompasses the whole house from top to bottom. We can custom design an audio and video system that is right for you before you move in and before it is too late to run wires without destroying your walls. Long Island Pro Audio Video can also “future-proof” your home so that no matter what new technology comes out, our wiring will be ready to support it. Our technical staff and expert audio video installers keep up to date on the latest technologies, trends, and they even attend training classes on a regular basis to ensure that what we recommend is right for you. We also specialize in home network solutions and running Ethernet (Cat5 and Cat6) lines. Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet lines support HDMI, keypads, VOIP phone systems, audio and video signals when installed correctly – so they do far more than just offer internet connections! With our construction pre-wiring, Long Island Pro Audio Video can install virtually any system by planning ahead and running the necessary wires to future-proof your home or residence.

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