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High Grade Commercial Projectors
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Commercial Grade Business Projectors
   Long Island Pro Audio Video is your leading source for commercial grade business projectors featuring high lumen output and sharp contrast necessary for your business presentations and corporate company meetings. Whether you have a small board room with only one presenter and only a few people viewing, or you have a large conference room in need of multiple projectors and numerous people viewing; Long Island Pro Audio Video can recommend, design and install a projector system that is right for your particular business application. Commercial Grade Business Projectors offer higher lumen output which means they are much brighter than conventional home theater projectors. In addition, commercial digital video projectors have a higher grade resolution specifically designed to handle power point presentations as well as other types of multimedia. Having the right high grade projector is essential for your business meeting, boardroom, or conference room presentation. Commercial grade business projectors offer that largest image possible at the best price possible to ensure that all your business clients, employees, training personnel and other representatives can see every last detail of your very important company presentation.

Projection Screens & Interactive Smart Boards
   Digital video projectors offer the largest image for your dollar. This is why one of our most requested installations that we have to offer is mounting a projection screen in a conference room or a business board room where many people have to view it and both reliability and budget are important. Long Island Pro Audio Video offers a wide array of projection screens to suit your company or business. From fixed frame projection screens to fully motorized projection screens to the latest in interactive smart board screens, we have a solution that is right for you and your growing business or company. Long Island Pro Audio Video can also update your outdated standard size 4:3 projection screen to a widescreen format 16:9 projection screen. Our most advanced screens are automatically controlled via a 12 volt trigger output on the projector so that when the projector turns on or off; the screen drops down or retracts automatically. These automated screens will truly impress those clients viewing your conference room presentation as well as keep things simple for you to use and enjoy. The latest technological craze being used in schools and commercial businesses are the Interactive Smart Boards where you can “draw” right on the screen to make your power point presentation all the more effective and easy to follow!

Panasonic voice over internet protocol phone systems
Business VOIP Phone Systems
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Network Ethernet Cabling – CAT5e CAT6e
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Pro Audio & Video Installations

Business VOIP Phone Systems
   VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone Systems are steadily increasing all over Long Island. In today’s day and age of fast information and ever increasing technology, not only larger corporations require Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone Systems but small businesses are taking advantage of VOIP systems as well. VOIP takes advantage of the fast data communication that CAT5e and CAT6e Ethernet cable lines provide. From advanced intercom and conferencing features to wireless business phone systems, VOIP can handle what traditional phone systems can not. One of the main advantages of having a business phone system that uses VOIP technology is in handling multiple phone lines and multiple phone line extensions. VOIP phone systems allow a user to receive their messages from any extension as well as make conferencing someone else fast and easy. Even more importantly, VOIP can be setup with a battery backup so that even though the power goes out, your business phone system is still up and running. Long Island Pro Audio Video can design, setup and install your Panasonic brand or other major brand business phone system along with a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) so that your business will be as efficient and up to date as it can possibly be!

Network Cabling
   In order for a business to thrive today, all Long Island businesses need an in-house computer network. Although there are times where wireless network systems can be a blessing, wireless is not dependable in a business situation due to limited connectivity, slow processing speeds, and the most important factor - the risk or threat of network security. This is where Long Island Pro Audio Video excels – running new, secure Ethernet CAT5e and CAT6e cable lines hardwired to your computer network’s router and business computer system. Our business network systems allow you to control who is accessing your internet and important business information as well as keeping out those who are not authorized to use it. This protects not only your company but innocent third parties as well such as your customer’s personal information. This is one of the main reasons why hardwiring every network computer in your business is so extremely important in today’s day and age. Our network cabling allows you to make sure your business is not only up to date, but also secure from unauthorized intruders. Call today to see how Long Island Pro Audio Video can find a network solution that is right for your growing company or business!

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Public Address PA Systems
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Church / House Of Worship Audio Video
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Intelligent DJ Lighting & Stage Lighting

Public Address Systems & Microphones
   Long Island is home to some of the largest companies, churches, business centers and houses of worship in the United States. The larger your company, business, hotel, restaurant, church or house of worship is; chances are the more important a public address system is. PA Systems are used to broadcast important announcements, enhance business presentations, play background music, and even used in the event of an actual emergency. Long Island Pro Audio Video has access to traditional 8 ohm PA speakers as well as commercial 70 volt PA speakers and systems. From in ceiling PA speakers to wall mounted indoor / outdoor public address speakers, we can find and design a system that is right for you. In addition, Long Island Pro Audio Video has access to high grade wired and wireless handheld, lavaliere and conference microphones for conference rooms, boardroom business presentations, churches and house of worship services, and other events where a public address microphone is needed. Our more advanced wireless transmitters and receivers allow you to utilize multiple wireless microphones on separate frequencies so that one presenter does not interfere with another. Feedback eliminators, unwanted noise suppression, and automatic signal processing equalizers also minimize the chance of any unexpected or harsh noises in your public address system.

Intelligent DJ Lighting & Stage Lighting
   Lights… Camera… Action! Whether you have a large nightclub, dance hall, hotel, bowling alley, restaurant, or other venue on Long Island where mood lighting or intelligent DJ lighting is important; Long Island Pro Audio Video can design and install a DJ or stage lighting system that is right for you. From standard non-intelligent (audio activated) DJ lights to fully intelligent and computerized DMX lighting, your venue will keep your crowd visually entertained as their dancing! The newest DJ lighting and stage lighting use LED technology and LED lights to create dazzling effects and unique colors never before created. LED DJ and LED Stage PAR Lighting use only a small percentage of electricity as compared to earlier Halogen DJ Lighting and Sealed Beam PAR Lighting. Through the use of LED lights for up-lighting, create a unique atmosphere for every unique occasion. Stage wash lights create a glow or mood effect for bands and local musicians / artists. DMX intelligent lights communicate with one another to ensure a truly spectacular show. In addition, DMX intelligent lights allow you to precisely set where the light projects, the image it projects, and the color / wash it projects. Our most advanced DJ lighting and stage lighting systems include PC and MAC based computer operated programs that allow you to set sequences, themes, and have full control over the lighting you need not only where you need it but when you need it.

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On-Site Audio & Video Rentals
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On-Site A/V Production
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Live Sound Production

On-Site A/V Rentals
   Long Island Pro Audio Video is your leading source for On-Site Audio and Video Rentals. Here at Long Island Pro Audio Video, we do not believe that pro audio and video equipment should attempted to be hooked up and handled by a novice installer; this is why we only offer On-Site Audio and Video Rentals. We will send one of our experienced technicians to bring the necessary equipment, wires and cabling right to your site – set it up, test it out, and break it down for you as needed. This unique service eliminates the hassle of having someone pick up the equipment, try to hook it up without the proper wires, attempt to troubleshoot the system, and having to return the system on their own. Choose from powered and non-powered speakers, amplifiers, pro audio systems, wireless and wired microphone systems, projectors and projections screens, and even accessories like A/V carts. Our expert staff and trained technicians will politely and courteously make sure your business presentation, conference meeting, Church or House of Worship service, or public address broadcast will go smoothly and surely. For On-Site Audio and Video rentals, Long Island Pro Audio Video delivers!

Live Sound Production
   In addition to On-Site Audio and Video Equipment Rentals, Long Island Pro Audio Video can monitor and produce your next upcoming event! For business presentations, this means that you would only have to provide your power point presentation. Allow our expert staff and qualified technicians to provide and set up the projectors, the projection screens, the wireless lavaliere microphones and handheld microphones, audio mixer, amplifiers and pro audio speakers, as well as other audio and video gear. During the entire conference meeting, business presentation, hotel convention, Church or House of Worship service; Long Island Pro Audio Video will make sure that your live production goes according to plan. From mixing audio line levels to transitioning video sources on a projection screen, our expert audio video installers and technical staff will monitor and produce your event live at your site. Long Island Pro Audio Video is capable of handling multiple screens and speakers for even the largest of venues; including conference halls, business meeting rooms, hotel convention rooms, Churches and Houses of Worship. Call today to see how Long Island Pro Audio Video can work for you!

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